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 Nightlife in Nanjing is not quite as colorful as that of major Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but it does have its own unique flavor. Kunqu, the regional opera, is performed nightly here. Kunqu Opera is one of the oldest extant forms of Chinese opera, with its origins dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Among the earliest genres of drama, the traditional performing art was named for its birthplace, Kunshan, near the city of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province. Now in decline because of a lack of interest among young people, the opera lives on in Nanjing, and visitors should not miss the opportunity of seeing a performance at the Lanyuan Theater.

With leisure centers and street markets, the area around Fuzi Miao nightly fills with people of all ages. Many young residents seek out bargains and tasty snacks at the outdoor stalls before going on to a KTV bar or disco.

Hunan Lu around the ancient city wall is regarded as Nanjing's second nightspot. Neon lights beam down upon a litter or bars, restaurants and KTV joints, and this area is famed for the diverse range of cuisines. Shiziqiao Street is regarded as having the area's best eateries.

Expat bars are found on Shanghai Lu, near the Nanjing University. Jack's is small in size but hugely popular. Visit this place for a refreshing beer and a chat with some of the city's foreign residents.

A short distance from the university is a trio of popular late night spots -Scarlet Bar, Tequila Bar and Island Bar. Scarlet bar draws the late-night expat crowd, while at Tequila Bar, wannabe rappers take the stage to try out their talent for rhyme. Known locally as Island Bob, The Island Bar belts out club tunes till dawn.


Where to go ?

Nanjing 1912 - a place where the youth could have a vibrant nightlife

Where is the liveliest place in Nanjing after 10 p.m.? The fashion elites in Nanjing would reply, "Nanjing 1912." Nanjing 1912 refers to an entertaining area in present Nanjing. One could see the Presidential Hall in this area where Dr. Sun Yet-sen, the forerunner of China's democratic revolution, had his presidential office erected in the year 1912. Seventeen well-preserved historical buildings from that period and four entertainment squares can be found in this area in today's Nanjing.

Nanjing 1912 is a blend of the old days in China and the modern styles of the West. Gray-bricked buildings, simple-styled balconies, floral-carved windows and pinnacle tops picture the old China. Today, western culture has seeped in Nanjing. Nanjing 1912 is home to world-branded coffee shops such as Starbucks, the Coffee Beanery, and Kathleen Five, Japanese and Korean restaurants, Asian-famous spas and beauty salons. Nanjing 1912 is like the Xin Tian Di in Shanghai!

Feature: all kinds of bars, pubs, discos, and teahouses
Customers: mid-class citizens, businessmen, and foreigners spend the evening in Nanjing 1912
Cost:50-100 RMB/pax
High Time: 11:00 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Hunan Lu - a night street for gourmands

Another way to spend the night is to walk through the crowded Hunan Lu dining and shopping area to satisfy your palate with all sorts of delicious food. The night scene of the street is also beautiful.

Fuzimiao Dining Street- a night street for gourmands
The riverside area near Fuzimiao (Confucius Temple) dotted with numerous snack shops, restaurants housed in traditional Chinese buildings is also a popular night entertaining venue.

Directory of Entertaining Places

Shuguang Cinema
Address: No.7, Zhongshan Beilu, a block east to the Drum Tower Square)

Honglou Cinema (Red Mansion)
Address: No.136, Zhongshan Donglu, opposite the Stadium

Culture& Art Center
Address: No.101, Changjiang Lu in Xinjiekou area

Qinhuai Theater
Address: a theater located right in the famous tourist area of Qinhuai River

Tianming Teahouse
A teahouse in a classic-style garden
Address: No.1, Dazhongting, Gulou District (Drum Tower District)
Capacity: 50 people

Tianyu Teahouse
Address: No.26, Huaqiao Lu


Ø        King Club(至尊俱乐部)

Tel:      84871777  82231866

Address: Lijin Garden Hotel,No 33 Muxuyuan Street

Ø        Honorable,Secret,Sumptuous,Amazing

Glorious reopening(缤纷年代商务会所)

Tel:     86898966

Address:49 Zhongshan Nan Lu ,Shang Mao Century Square,Building 9

Ø        Passion Bar (激情火焰吧)


Address: Nanjing Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort.1 st Floor 9

Huanling Lu

Ø        Habana(哈瓦那雪茄吧)


Address: No. 9, Shanxi Road

Ø        Golden time(琉金岁月)


Address: 319 Zhongshan Dong Lu ,Grand Metropark Hotel

Ø        Hua Yang Nian Hua(花样年华)


Address:169Hanzhong Lu,Sheraton Hotel 3F

Ø        Danny’s Irish Pub 丹尼爱尔兰吧)


Address: 169Hanzhong Lu,Level 4 at Sheraton Nanjing Kingsley Hotel

Ø        Sky ClUB(海阔天空)


Address: West Tower ,Parkview Dingshan Hotel

Ø        Golden Age(金色年代KTV俱乐部)


Address: 2F ,Xuanwu Hotel

Ø        The Li Jing Club(丽晶会KTV俱乐部)


Address: 3F ,Hongqiao Restaurant (202 Zhongshan Bei Lu)



XuanWu District
Shimao Rivera
9 Changjiag Lu
Best of best
Deji Mansion
Dongcheng Garden
Ench Eastern Garden
factory building
BaiXia District
Changfa CFC
Changfa CFC Office
Crescent Lake Garden
Dongcheng Garden
Golden Eagle Garden
Jinlong International
Jinnin Garden
Lakeside Star
QingHuai District
Guan Cheng
JianYe District
Zhonghai Seine Elysee
Golden Top Harbor
Jin Ma Li City
Jin Yu Ti Xiang
Landsea international
Minghu YaJu
GuLou District
Jinlun Waltz
Jin ling Mansion
Jinlun Mansion
Jinlun Waltz
Ming Hua Qing Yuan
Nanjing NIC
Zifeng Mansion
XiaGuan District
Shimao Rivera
Tip top international
PuKou District
QiXia District
Xiang Xi Yue Yuan
Crystal Villa
East lake li island
Evian Valley
Fairy long Gulf
Nature Elegance
Noble Mountain
YuHua District
Jade lsland City
Verdurous Bamboo
Verdurous Bamboo Garden
Yulan Villa
JiangNing District
Beautiful Villa
Cui Ping International
Green View Mndarin
Jia Hu island
Mei Zhi Guo
Osborne House
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